What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas Or Does It?

Welcome, I can't wait to share with you my top 15 places to visit when you are in Sin City -- Las Vegas!

As always, thank you for giving my blog a chance and hearing what I have to say. I am blessed to be able to share my experiences, knowledge and exciting moments with you and hopefully they serve for helpful tips or a fun read nonetheless.

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Welcome to Las Vegas

Lets go back to Summer of 2018 shall we? I booked a trip to Vegas for a long weekend. Yes, I know Vegas in the summer? I had just missed a heat wave a few days prior to arriving but the sun was still beaming so intensely that I didn't sweat after long block walks down the strip or never managed to stay wet long after a swim in the hotel pool.

I will say this though, it was totally worth the trip!

How To Prepare For Vegas:

The first thing I did was ask around to a few fellow co-workers about Vegas and how I could possibly plan a trip that wouldn't cost so much and would allow me to spend more exploring Vegas than on the flight&hotel itself.

They guided me to Vegas.com where I found incredible deals on packages for flights+hotels combined. It is seriously so affordable to get there that you won't know what to spend all that extra money you saved on!

After I had my flight and hotel situated I had to make sure I had all I needed to pack properly for the trip. It was only for 3 days but I have the tendency of overpacking or forgetting something super important behind. I have made a simple list of MUST-HAVE items you should always have with you on any trip as they have saved me a few dozen times before.

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Aside from these packing essentials you'll want to bring these along to Vegas:

  • Sunscreen (No brainer)

  • Hat (Also great for the sun)

  • Walking shoes (You'll be doing a lot of walking on and off the strip)

  • Swimsuit (If your hotel has a pool-- You'll want to take a dip after a long day sightseeing)

Either way if you forget some of these there are plenty of shops and boutiques around you can buy anything your heart desires but at a hefty cost.

Best Hotels to Stay at or Explore:

I got an amazing deal with the MGM hotel which offered stunning views of the strip and quick access to it. It is such a luxurious hotel with restaurants, shops, arcades, casinos(duh), and a huge pool with a lazy river! I spent half a day just in the pool and let me tell you I didn't want to leave -- EVER.

I did make time to visit the following hotels and I advise for you to do so as well. You'll find different attractions, shops and food in each hotel you go into.

These are just a few I explored that took my breath away!

  • Bellagio

  • Caesars Palace

  • Luxor

  • Venetian

  • Paris

  • MGM Grand

I advise you to walk and explore the hotels and attractions as much as possible even though its so exhausting with the heat but so worth it!

What Attractions To See:

Immediately upon arriving I felt overwhelmed and as if I didn't have enough time to do it all! There is so much to see, to do and most importantly-- to eat!

The Hoover Dam was one of the first stops -- it was constructed in 1931 to prevent flooding of the Colorado River as it is a huge problem in the area. Its overwhelming massive concrete walls and mass of water Lake Mead along it you won't want to miss it!

I decided to put my hiking shoes on and book a tour of the Grand Canyon. I spent a whole day there venturing and see the vast landscape that you couldn't possibly capture or appreciate completely through my lens.

It truly is impossible to capture how much it expands and the feeling you get standing at its edge. It cannot be described in words, you must experience it for yourself. It gives you that chance to sit and appreciate all the spectacular landmarks just waiting for you to explore. If you stay at the Grand Canyon long enough you'll be able to Zipline above the Canyons and also explore the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

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Canyons Edge

My next stop was Joshua Tree Forest -- Its about an hours drive from Las Vegas and on the way back from Grand Canyon. It provides great photo ops and a different landscape from the rocky Canyons.

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Joshua Tree National Park

It stretches for miles and there's plenty of stops along the road to snap a couple shots of the desert like scenery. Just beware of snakes when walking around by the bushes or trees.

Throughout the drive in and out of Grand Canyon area you will find so many pieces of culture and history you can dive into!

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Meadview Area

Once you are out of the desert / Grand Canyon area the excitement is not over yet! Drive through or take a walk through Hemenway Valley Park and you will probably be face-to-face with nature when you encounter a herd of Big Horn Sheep or find the perfect little pinecone :)

After so many adventures and exploring all day you'll want to indulge in some tasty food or a relaxing cocktail!

These were my favorite places to catch a bite:

  • MGM Breakfast Buffet (included with the stay-- YUM)

  • Hakkasan (Must try Cocktails and appetizers)

  • In&Out Burger (because why not!? First time trying it and it was amazing)

  • White Castle

Must-See Shows

I decided to see two shows while there. One night I saw Cirque du Soleil "Ka" that was just located in MGM where I got discounts to buy tickets from. If you ever seen any Cirque du Soleil shows before you'll know how exciting and mind blowing it is to witness it. If you haven't seen one yet what are you waiting for?

Visit my New York Blog Post where I tell you about the Cirue du Soleil show there!

After watching "KA" I knew I had to watch at least one more show! I booked tickets for Cris Angel "Mind Freak" as it is a Las Vegas Staple and probably a must when there. I really didn't have many expectations before going to see it but I must say it was entertaining and he was so personal and involved with the crowd. I highly recommend it!


One thing I found there was there are TWO strips so make sure you go to the Old Vegas Strip as well as I was quick to find that there is much to see and you can get some pretty cool and cheap souvenirs to take home for yourself or your friends and family.

Please comment if you liked this and what your experience in Vegas was if you have been. Thank you for stopping by. Until next time!


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