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Updated: Feb 18

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Let's go back to September 2020 -- I know, I know PSTD right? 2020 was a hard year for all of us and now seems like we can't put it in the past soon enough! For my husband and I September 2020 was about taking an incredible journey to finish the year with a positive note. You could say it was chance to leave the chaotic reality of that year and step into something more pure and at the same time exciting -- And boy was it!

I will touch on some of the highlights but may have to do another post to cover all the stops.

Now that you have flight booked , found your hotel or decided on the Glamping tent for a few days-- (Yes, that is a thing!) You can take note of some of my favorite places in Alaska!

As soon as we got off the plane there was so much to see and such little time. That first time (you think we wouldn't go back?!) we stayed for 10 days -- I know it sounds like a lot but it wasn't nearly enough with the incredible mountains, glaciers, bodies of water that you want to stop for to explore or take a million photos of.


Byron Glacier Trail, Girdwood --The drive there is breathtaking and If you take a short scenic 3.2 mile hike you can walk on it. In the winter you can even go inside the glacier cave that forms around that time (Its on my bucket list).

If you love to hike this is like taking a kid to a candy shop. Hiking these peeks is so rewarding as you never get a dull view and reaching the top is always more breathtaking than the last. I have only done a handful of hikes in Alaska as I am in no way in shape to take on any major summits or anything. I was certainly huffing and puffing through some amateur ones but nonetheless I enjoyed it and have grown to miss having a mountain in the back yard I can just take an afternoon hike to.

If you have little to no hiking experience you can check out these trails that I guarantee will leave you wanting for more! They range from Easy to Moderate in scale but promise none of them will have you climbing up a mountain like Spiderman.


South Fork Falls, Eagle River, AK

Eagle River Greenbelt Access Trail, Church State Park

Mount Baldy Loop, Church State Park

Flattop Sunnyside Trail, Chugach State ParK


And if you are not in the mood to walk or hike up any peeks while you are there here are a couple scenic drives you must take when in Alaska! They were the most breathtaking-does no photo justice-I never want to leave type of thing. See for yourself:

Up first is Crows Pass Waterfalls, Anchorage. It had to be one of our favorite drives up a mountain but you do have to hike up further to see the waterfall.

You get where Im coming from now?


Now we go into a windy and venturous drive that is Hatchers Pass Scenic Drive, Palmer.

In this drive we saw bears in the distance and porcupines crossing the road. Also keep your eyes on the side of the mountains as you may get the rare sight of dall sheep or two.


Another great spot to check out is Beluga Point Look Out, Anchorage and you run the chance of seeing whales and other wildlife! We got lucky enough to see Beluga whales and seals! (Excuse the quality of some as I could not get close enough)

While you are there, you might come across the Alaska Railroad train speed down the beautiful scenic highway!

Where To Go Alaska Travel Photography Train Scenic Hike Beluga Whale Anchorage Travel Guide Nature Bears Doll Sheep Into The Wild


And if you're feeling hungry or a kick of caffeine after all that you'll want to check out these spots in Anchorage and Eagle River:

Snow City Cafe, Anchorage - Tasty American style brunch in the heart of downtown.

Moose's Tooth, Anchorage - Variety Menu but my favorite was the spicy Firehouse pizza!

Kincaid Grill, Anchorage - On your night out looking for tasty seafood and a good cocktail look no more! Can't go wrong with the Salmon or Halibut -- Yum!

Coho Coffee Co., Eagle River - I will forever want Coffee here; when in Alaska visit these little coffee trucks -- it will change your life... Trust me you will thank me later.


I hope this little guide into an adventure filled visit to Alaska has helped you plan your next trip.

We loved this stunning state so much so that we have been three times.

I have much more insight coming your way on the next blog.

Until next time!



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