How I Prepare To Write & Blog

First, I hope whoever reads this is having a blessed day and this helps in anyway as it is what I do to mentally prepare each day before I write - I share it because it works for me.

I will first leave you with this quote from today's entry for Jan 25th in 'Each Day a New Beginning - Daily Meditations for Women' that says "The time of discipline began. Each of us the pupil of whichever one of us could best teach what each of us needed to learn." -Maria I. Barreno.

It's interesting to me because I came to start blogging after I quit my 15 year career and job that no longer made me happy or feel like I had a sense of purpose. I would get up each day with dread and agony to do my normal daily routine. I worked 11-12 hour days sometimes and felt like a shell of myself but felt I had no other choice but to 'stick it through'. It wasn't all negative as I met my wonderful husband through that job and I learned many, many life lessons and gained much experience from it whether it negative or positive.

We both decided a change was much needed and with no plan B we made the very difficult decision to quit and never look back.

I bring this up because right now is a difficult time for me with so many what-if's and doubting that I made the right decision or not...

Fast forward 2 months and I noticed while writing my first entry in this blog that I absolutely loved and missed writing. I have a desire each and everyday to write or take photos to share. Best part is it does not feel like a job or a chore I must do. However, I have noticed I do keep structure and hold myself accountable to meet my own deadlines and treat this as my new career.


The following are a few things that get me in the right mindset to create my content.

Get ready as if you're going to work

Something I have noticed works for me is to get up and ready as if I am heading to the office -- minus the fuel expense, co-workers (which I do miss!) and business casual clothes.

I do my make up, style my hair, put on my favorite leggings, tank top with super comfy pull-over since the hubby likes it like an igloo in here.

This one is SUPER Important -- Caffeine!

I don't think I could function without my regular cup of caffeine in the morning. Depending on how tired I am I'll whip up a double espresso or go for the caramel iced coffee with the coffee ice cubes (total game changer!).

Make a creative space for yourself

I converted our guest room into my own little office with a number of things that make me happy and help me relax and help bring me a positive and creative space / frame of mind.

My office space that gives me much inspiration with my favorite meditation book, eucalyptus, candle, note book and pen ready to write. Finding things that bring you happiness, relaxation, inspiration, comfort, soothe, creative juices, creativity, artistic mind, artsy, arts flowing from within.
Finding things that bring you happiness, relaxation, inspiration, comfort, soothe, creative juices, creativity, artistic mind, artsy, arts flowing from within.

One of the first things I put in my new office was a few fresh Eucalyptus bunches in some water. (TIP: they smells so good and last for weeks!) Every time I walk into the room I get the mint with pine aromas that help bring me to a mellowed state every time.

If Eucalyptus aren't your thing, I also have a beautiful and delightfully smelling Candle on the desk near me so when I sit to brainstorm blog ideas or I am full on writing my next post I light it up and indulge in the scents. Something with vanilla notes or flowery scents could do just the trick.

Set a schedule
Finding things that bring you happiness, relaxation, inspiration, comfort, soothe, creative juices, creativity, artistic mind, artsy, arts flowing from within.
Furry Co-Workers Odin & Hopie

For me setting a time each day to dedicate to my blog is essential. Everyday at 10 AM I am walking through my new office door to get settled in with my coffee, the furry co-workers, and my imagination. I close the door and start my day.

Choose your Ambient or White noise

After I am settled I decide working in total silence could probably be little distracting or boring even -- I tell Alexa to play 'Comforting Sounds' or 'Ambient Sounds' and it can be anything from 'water sounds' to 'meditation' music. Now, I promise it will not put you to sleep but keep a nice ambient noise in the back ground that will be pleasing but not distracting.

Daily Meditations

Everyday before I start my research or prepare my next blog entry I read my Daily Meditations to get some inspiration & guidance. I often find it relates to something I am going through that day or maybe that week. If its not meditation for you, do something that gives you liveliness. It could be Yoga, Prayer, or maybe a short Walk. Whatever it is do it; you deserve those moments of silence to recharge your internal batteries and take care of your mental health.

Love what you write about

I find writing about those moments we traveled, hiked, ate something new, discovered something new or talked over that great cup of coffee are things worth sharing with you and every time I see a photo or tell you the details about our adventures I get to relive that moment again. I want you to feel that happiness and passion about writing your blogs as well.


Prepare & Outline

Once I am ready to Brainstorm an idea and outline my post I will grab my favorite gel pen and a note pad and jot down all my bullet points in order to never lose track while I am typing away. Its definitely a time saver to write down your ideas and map out your general entry so its easier to write it out later on.

And with that I leave you with my 10 top tips to get motivated to keep on creating and sharing your advice, memories maybe even just your thoughts.

"Let me be grateful for my lessons today and know that all is well"

-Each Day a New Beginning


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