My Top 5 Trip Destinations In Florida

Like always, I hope you reading this is having a blessed day and enjoy all I have to offer & share with you today.

Whenever we are not exploring Alaska we reside in the awesome -- but crazy state of Florida. Yes, people do wrestle Alligators and try to fight off bears but I still love it as the weather is favorable when it isn't scorching hot or a hurricane threatens to blow my roof off; its great I assure you ;) !

I decided to give you my favorite 5 cities in Florida that you may or may not have heard of before. I want to share some great spots in the cities so that you can add them to your next Spring Break or Summer 2022 vacation!


I must admit I never even heard about Jupiter until 10 years ago -- but when I started working there 7 years ago I wanted to move closer to everything and once I did I started exploring the city and I loved all that this small beach town had to offer! Juno beach is great and is very dog friendly so you can bring your furry friend along for a nice walk on the beach or exploring the pier. If you're into tours you'll want to check out the Jupiter Light House - don't forget your camera though because once you get to the top you'll have an amazing view of the ocean & Intercoastal. And If you happen to be in town on a Monday they offer 'Twilight Yoga' right on the lighthouse deck. Another great beach in the area is Coral Cove Beach, but make sure you get there early as it is a very popular local spot. If you're into food just as much as I am you'll want to check out the following restaurants as they are one of a kind and some owned by celebrities:

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Jupiter Light House / Intercostal

1000 North - First class service & one of the best waterfront views; guaranteed to have an amazing view from anywhere in the place. Owned by Michael Jordan.

The Woods - Fantastic service & wonderful menu and located in a great outdoor shopping mall with a lot of choices and scenic walks along the intercostal. Owned by Tiger Woods.

Lynora's - This one is my favorite! When we lived closer we use to have brunch and sometimes dinner there every date night & weekends. A must try for sure! (Theres a few locations & they are all fantastic; we frequent the Tequesta one more as it was closer)

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Coral Cove Beach


Islamorada (Keys)

There are probably over 1,700 Florida Keys and most are small and uninhibited. There is probably one you have heard of (Key West) which is probably the most popular one. If you don't want to do the whole drive down and still want the 'keys experience' Islamorada is one of the first few keys you'll find heading down south. We have made the drive from Central Florida to Islamorada (its long) just to go there for a day or two. When we're there we always make a stop into these favorites:

Robbies Marina - don't miss your chance at some fresh fish tacos and feeding the Tarpon! Thats right, you can feed some massive 4-6 feet in length tarpon (Tip: Don't get too close as they jump up rather high to get that treat!).

Hog Heaven - it has the the best little back yard where you can enjoy a fruity drink and the sounds of the waves and misty ocean breeze.

Before you leave the keys you must stop in at a Shell World shop for some knick knacks and is perfect for souvenirs.

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Hog Heaven Backyard


Delray Beach

This city is so much fun and full of life if you like bars, night clubs and even beach bars with an eye view of the beach. We would often enjoy a couples massage and lounging by the pool at Seagate Hotel & Spa to decompress. After hanging out by the pool in the morning we would venture out into the main strip and stop at a couple local favorites:

Park Tavern - where if you take brunch as seriously as we do you'll find that you will get a bang for your buck with endless Bloody Mary's or Mimosas here.

Blue Anchor Pub is perfect to catch the afternoon's Soccer matches and enjoy english food favorites. (If you're a Soccer fan you'll love the free jello shots and vibrant energy after each goal!)

Sand Bar that is a super hip Tiki bar facing the sandy beach of Delray. If you're looking for some afternoon socializing with outdoor DJ vibes you came to the right place.

If you do all three of these places in one day DO take an Uber home. ;)

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Blue Anchor British Pub


Marco Island

This small town is so dear to me as it was one of my first trips with my husband when we started dating and we both had such an amazing time just relaxing that we have gone back several times! Its a 2.5 hour trip from where we live but once we get there we stay at our resort the whole weekend with no reason to ever go anywhere else because the JW Marriott Resort has all you'll need with lots of shops, coffee shops, restaurants, a spa, arcade, bowling alley, and a few outdoor bars to pick from that are just a few foot steps away from the white sandy Marco Island beach which is also known for having some of the best sea shells if you're into collecting them to take home. Also, BC (before covid) they offered a Bloody Mary bar in their continental breakfast menu which I am not sure they offer anymore given the obvious situation we are in -- It was quite the experiment to create my own funky bloody mary.

The last time we went to Marco Island we decided to stop in at Dolphin Tiki Bar & Grill on our way home to hang out a a local place and enjoy a late lunch. We loved the fish tacos and the Waterfront view -- we were especially delighted by the live music that afternoon as it certainly set the mood.


St. Augustine

This one I am super excited about and I have to say it's probably our favorite Florida destination! I have been to St.Augustine countless amounts of time and have probably seen most attractions more than once but I never get bored or unfazed by the architecture of the city as it is probably the oldest city in the states. We went for our Mini-moon right after we got married in the beginning of July so it holds a very dear place in our hearts.

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Sunrise @ St.Augustine

I will highlight some places we love to explore but keep in mind there is ALOT to do even for us, we have not done or seen everything there. One of my personal favorite things to do is hop on the Old Town Trolley Tours thats a great deal because everything is so close with limited/no parking parking that this makes it easy to hop on and off whenever you see a museum or restaurant want to check out! This isn't the only kind of tour they offer, there's dozens of water tours, haunted night time tours and more. We love hopping out at the St.Augustine Winery & St.Augustine Distillery to try their local spirits and wine so after each tour we can purchase our favorites.

If you want to see ALOT of Alligators and Crocodiles I highly suggest the St.Augustine Alligator Farm that my hubby particularly thought was entertaining -- We even took home a super cute alligator christmas tree ornament. After some exploring you'll need to refuel and want to try the following restaurants that we loved:

Columbia Restaurant - serving Spanish/Cuban cuisine (try the empanadas ; DELISH!) -- Tip: Always make a reservation. They book up days in advance and will not take walk in's; we got lucky and landed a spot the day before leaving. Perfect for a fancy date night.

Harry's Seafood bar & Grille - If you're not feeling anything fancy but want amazing seafood this place is for you. serving New orleans style cuisne with a very laid back outdoor seating but if you want little more private / cozy feel grab a table indoors. We decided to splurge and try an appetizer with our meal and ordered the Louisiana Fondeaux; that and the whole meal did not disappoint!

I will probably write a whole piece on St.Augustine in the near future as there is so much history, adventure, and tasty food to try.

Hope this is helpful when you join us crazy Floridians on your next Spring break, girls trip, or family vacation down south!

Until next time!


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